Ravenna Bath

A small bathroom had seen no real renovation in several decades. It had the original tub from the 40s, and the plumbing to go with it. There was a pedestal sink, virtually no storage and harsh overhead light.

By moving the door opening a few inches to one side, and installling a semi-casse sink, we were able to put in a length of shallow, but useful, counter top. With cabinets and drawers below for paper and toiletries, and a custom medicine cabinet above, the bathroom now meets its “everyday” storage needs.

The counter was small enough that we could afford a very fine piece of Calacatta Oro marble, found as scrap in a stone yard.

We were able to put in a much larger tub by swiping space from an adjoining, overly deep, linen closet.

A white tile floor, coupled with white cabinets and fixtures, and a white tiled tub alcove, gives this little room a feeling of spaciousness, cohesion and spotlessness.

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Ravenna Bath
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