Madrona Bath

This old house had endured a number of half-hearted remodels over its long existence, but none was as depressing as the bath adjoining the master bedroom. The owners weren't especially interested in a grand master bath: they wanted a room that was clean and bright and which actually vented moisture --but quietly, please! They were perfectly willing to dispense with a tub (there's a tub in another bath) in order to get a roomy shower.

We had already rerouted plumbing and floor joists for this room during an earlier remodel of the room below. So we were able to reverse the position of the sinks and the shower, and to build a curbless shower enclosure. A glass shower wall was grouted into the floor and the tile wall. Lighting within the shower illuminates a steam-free mirror for shaving.

We opened a skylight above the sink counter, a continuous solid porcelain fixture, placed over a custom cabinet. The backsplash is a piece of glass that matches the shower wall. Enlarge & view additional images

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Madrona Bath
Madrona Kitchen
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Ravenna Bath
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