Mt. Baker Craftsman

Seattle is full of Craftsman-style bungalows. If the owner is lucky, the house is full of charming original details: Batchelder tile, ribboned oak floors, coved ceilings and leaded glass windows among them. 80 or 90 years on, however, most have been remodeled, with varying results, and what hasn’t been remodeled needs repair or replacement.

The couple who own this home had already done the heavy lifting: a kitchen/bath remodel, repairing the floors, replacing the windows, roof and gutters, updating the plumbing and electrical systems. They had committed to Craftsman-style furnishings, but didn’t want to live in a museum, and really needed the house to work in the 21st century.

We invested in woven grasscloth shades that evoke the Asian flavor of West Coast Craftsman designs; converted a bedroom into a home office (with further electrical upgrades); found modern, comfortable armchairs for the living room, and covered them with a pattern from the Vienna Secession (a parallel European design movement). Traditional paint colors were shifted toward more sophisticated versions of themselves. And since modern backs can’t take vintage office chairs, we bought new ergonomic wonders upholstered in cheeky persimmon. Enlarge & view additional images

Downtown Condo
Mt. Baker Craftsman
Madrona Bath
Madrona Kitchen
Laurelhurst Master Suite
Ravenna Bath
Ravenna Kitchen
Westlake Tower
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